This is how We do Logging

Small Operations.
Big Ideas.

Our first priority is to conserve our natural resources for the future generations. This approach to logging and forestry operations made us come up with the: Low Impact, Low Footprint Method. A tall order for a small company but with our specialized teams, up-to-date techniques, state of the art concepts and approaches  to forestry we believe we are big enough to minimize wastage therefore maximize the yield of every area we work.  

Our Services

The dynamics of forestry creates a unique set of problems that we see as opportunities. Our team of industry specialists will always provide you with the best advice and recommendations for the project at hand. 

Low Impact Harvesting

Arboriculture Services

Silviculture & Plantation Management

Our Story

From humble beginnings....

Established in 2016 two life long friends started the company with one goal in mind ” build a legacy for the future generation”. Their love for adventure, the outdoors and the vast open spaces of the wilderness helped them to realize the massive potential the forestry sector has to offer. 

With a few second hand chainsaws, a small team of highly motivated and passion filled operators they started their first harvesting contract. The rest….. Well that’s history.


Certified Professionals

Our teams are highly trained and certified professionals in their respective field of operation.

Sustainable Growth

We belief in sustainable growth therefore we empower our local youth through on the job training programs and plow back as much as we can into the surrounding communities.

Eco Friendly

By means of state of the art techniques and the latest equipment on the market we can proudly say that we are a " Low impact, Low foot print" company .

more services

from pruning and cutbacks to complicated low impact harvesting we got you covered....

Our unique services cover a wide range of fields within the forestry sector, backed by international stakeholders with decades of experience in the forestry sector. This allows us to be on the cutting edge of technological advancements, innovative techniques and extremely knowledgeable on a wide range of products as well as services.

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